Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#Romney Method Of Disaster Relief

Help disaster survivors on the East Coast.
(None of this is made up; this is the actual plan as executed!)
1. Go to Dayton, hundreds of miles away
2. Buy $5,000 of stuff that they don't need
3. Truck the stuff to a political rally
4. Unload the trucks
5. Announce that people can donate the stuff by "giving" it to you (you know, the stuff that is already yours because you bought it!)
6. Take lots of pictures of yourself loading the trucks you just unloaded
7. Maybe drive that stuff to the East Coast from Dayton, passing hundreds of warehouses in Ohio and Pennsylvania already loaded with stuff; or maybe not. Who knows?
8. MOST IMPORTANT: Do NOT Talk To Reporters!!!
9.  Expect people to think this shows you're a good leader.
Another way of putting it:

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RoseanneW said...

Hey, not only do I like the photo, but I can't believe I have the same initials and last name as you - I'm an REWinn also. I know that is kind of goofy to post a message about, but I just had to give you a shout out.