Monday, July 02, 2012

If Your Newsman's Sexuality Is More Important Than The News: You're Doing It Wrong!

I never gave one thought to Anderson Cooper's sexuality, but it turns out he's gay and "Big Whoop!" says I.
Well, it *is* a Big Whoop because there's not a whole lot of openly gay people at our highest levels of reporting and other important institutions (excepting entertainment).
So far, it hasn't seem to have affected the simple fact that in his field he's among the best of the best, but I suppose there will be a certain amount of hysteria among the professionally fearful.
My reaction is as in the caption I put on his photo: if you're watching the news because of the sexuality of your newsman, you're doing it wrong (but there's nothing wrong with that I suppose.)
Anyway, good job Cooper; that must have taken some guts and it makes the world just a little be better that you are being honest.
Now get back to work!
The above notwithstanding I'm sure this is a significant event. As Jennifer Vanasco wrote, it  does matter when people come out because the reason that life is getting better for minorities is that more people are coming out. I  don't mean to minimize the courage it takes to come out; I'm just hoping that we are now approaching the era where homophobia will join racism in the garbage dumpster of history (... a regrettably smelly dumpster, that just won't go away, but still...)

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