Saturday, June 30, 2012

If Religion Fattens You, You're Doing It Wrong

Pondering the Link between practicing religion and being overweight ...

The last sentence of the article hints at least one element of causation: that people who practice religion at home watching TV tend to be fatter.

I think this is part of the larger problem that too many people define spirituality in terms of multiplying words. You are closer to God watering your neighbor's flowers than you are in any church. We cannot separate the purely mental and emotional process of preaching and praying from the fact that our bodies are part of our selves; if we don't use our bodies to practice our religion, well we're just fooling ourselves. And the bodies fight back.

This is kinda ironic now that I think of the current Bishop of Rome's focus on "The Theology Of The Body" which is entirely concerned with whether consenting adults have Vatican-approved fun. I don't recall Jesus spending a whole lot of time telling couples how to have sex, especially compared with feeding the hungry and healing the sick. If he had, the mind boggles at the sort of miracles that could have been performed!

(And a should out to Wholly Hodgepodge for pointing me to this article!)

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