Tuesday, July 03, 2012

4freeCLE: Your Free CLE Newsletter - July 1, 2012

I love doing my newsletter; I just don't always get around to posting it here promptly:

4freeCLE: Your Free CLE Newsletter!
July 1, 2012
In This Issue
Webinar CLEs
On-Demand CLEs
In-Person CLEs State-by-State
offers one free CLE program  
(1 credit) 
just for registering on their website!
It has dozens of on-demand, online courses to choose from, so you will probably find something that fits your practice!

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FEMA ladyWebinar CLE
Free webinars earn you CLE credit with zero travel time!
Yeoman Taking ClassOn-Demand CLE 
Learn and earn credit when and where you want!
Baunach SeminarIn-Person CLEs State-by-State
Are you are hosting an event offering free CLE? Send your event to the editor for publicity here! 

New Jersey
New York State
Washington State
Thanks for the News!
A big thank-you to Attorney Beverly Angel of Cedar Creek, TX for sending us notice of the DIVO program above! That is a wonderful resource for our colleagues and clients. 

If you host or know of free CLE programs (which include free training in exchange for providing pro bono service)share it with us! 
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