Sunday, June 10, 2012

#Crimewatch sign up on 9100 13th Ave SW

(l to r) Blair, Brian, Art, The Other Brian
The Crimewatch gang on our block put our sign up today at the corner of 13th Ave SW and Henderson. Thanks Guys!
We know the crimewatch works because, last month, when our roofers came back for a last day of tinkering with the photovoltaics, someone called them in as potential burglers. This was encouraging ... it shows people are watching and caring ... and it was amusing ... the roofers said that sort of thing happened "all the time".
Our block is really good at keeping an eye out for each other; we have a variety of work or business schedules, so any time of day there's always someone around. This makes life a lot easier and more relaxing; you can't put a money value on that! Plus, it's fun to get together and share the news.

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