Sunday, June 10, 2012

3 Cases Of Vote Fraud. See A Pattern?

Charlie White, GOP Vote Fraudster
Charlie White, the Republican Election Chief of Indiana. was convicted of vote fraud by a jury of his peers. His boss, Republican Mitch Daniels, tried to help him keep his job overseeing the voting process by negotiating the crime down to a misdemeanor; that way the convicted vote fraudster could keep supervising voting WTF?
When that failed, it was clear that White could not have legally won the election because he was not legally registered to vote and therefore not legally eligible to run. Daniels however maintains that he must have won (and therefore, contrary to the jury's findings, was actually registered to vote legally WTF?). This matters because since White didn't actually win, the guy who came in 2nd gets the office, and Daniels doesn't like him.

Ann Coulter registered to vote using the address of her realtor, not her actual home address, and then she cast a vote based on that address (...she also applied for a driver's license using the realtor's address... a separate crime.) Florida refused to prosecute her until after the statute of limitations had passed.
She also faced accusations of vote fraud in Connecticut but those seem to have gone away after the state decided to ignore the evidence.

Mitt Romney registered to vote from an address in the unfinished basement of an 8,000 square-foot Belmont mansion owned by his son Tagg. Mitt did not live there and has never lived there. He then cast a vote in the 2010 election based on that registration. This is a clear violation of Massachusetts state law governing who may register to vote in the state. Read more:

So far, the people demanding the purge of voter roles don't seem to be using these cases to advance their cause. Why is that?

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