Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Going Black On A White-Out Day

Today I am snowed in, thanks to the weather, and working more-or-less normally, thanks to the internet.
Part of the internet is "going black" today, to remind us of the dangers of the current form of 
SOPA and PIPA, two proposals in Congress to screw-up the web in the name of protecting intellectual property rights.
There are critics of these bills, and mostly they are people who know and understand the internet's potential for increasing human knowledge and freedom.
There are supporters of these bills, and mostly they are people in public office who are dependent on campaign contributions from people with lots of money.

There's a lot of money involved and, as we have learned from our corrupt Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United, Money Talks.
Personally, I'll stick with the internet folks; I don't have a lot of money and I see no reason to trust those who do over those who are trying to empower me.
Without a free internet, I'd be shoveling snow today, instead of making money.

For more information ... the following links may be illegal under SOPA/PIPA since they may link to material that is under copyright. How would I know?
Wikipedia's articles on SOPA and PIPA
As of 6AM PT, January 18, Google has more than 4,600 articles about the blackout. Here are a few:

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