Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast!

I did this last year, and it was a fun challenge. I'll likely try again this year:
From the New England Regional Environmental Ministries:Sign up now to participate in the 2012 Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast!
Thank you for your participation in the 2011 Ecumentical Lenten Carbon Fast.  We hope you found it engaging, informative and transformational.  We're writing to invite you to renew your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint by joining us again in the 2012 Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast.

Similar to last year, participants like you will receive daily email messages from Ash Wednesday through Easter with carbon reducing suggestions for you and your church or community group.  There are many new suggestions- often the result of your feedback- as well as updated links and information in those suggestions which have been carried forward from 2011.

Participating last year does not automatically sign you up to participate this year.  To join the 2012 fast, please click on the link below.  (If you've already signed up through our Facebook page, you don't need to sign up again.)

We will not sell or share your email address or other information with anyone else or use it for any purpose except the 2012 Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast.

We hope you'll join us again

The 2012 Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast is a project of NEREM (New England Regional Environmental Ministries).

Count me in friends!

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Small Footprints said...

WhooHoo! I thought it was great last year and have also signed up ... so ... beginning on Feb. 22, we'll be doing daily challenges for CTWW. :-)