Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Easy Charitable Works Via The #Progressive Slate

One easy way to do charity is to help worthy charitable causes win online contests. There's a zillion of them, and I don't doubt some are scams, but the Pepsi Refresh Challenge is one I've noticed is actually for reals - it really does award the money, so I don't have any hesitation urging you to do the following for each day this month (December 2011).

Log into your Facebook profile, then come back to this email and click on each of the five links below.
You can cast 5 more votes using text messages. The numbers next to each group are the codes you can use to send in a text message vote. Simply type in the number for the group you want to vote for and send it to Pepsi at 73774. You can vote up to five times a day using text messages!
The contest is over when December's over. To keep up on new ones, and to receive daily reminders to vote, see The Progressive Slate at

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