Friday, September 30, 2011

QRpedia: Public Information In Translation!

Scan this on your smartphone
to learn about St. Ed's

A cheap way to enhance public information is to put those square scannable codes ("QR codes") here and there, for people with smart phones to scan, but you still have the problem of maintaining a web page of information, PLUS the problem that many people prefer different languages.
Enter it generates QR codes for you to post, that links you to Wikipedia articles in the language your phone prefers. Read how it works: or just give it a try!
Here is a code that pulls up the wikipedia article for Saint Edward State Park, which used to be my high school. When you scan it, presumably the article will come up in its English version if your phone, like mine, is set to English - but I'd love to have someone who prefers another language to try it and see if it serves a page in an appropriate language.
State park budgets are very tight, but QR codes may help provide information very economically.

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