Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cellphone Camera As Parking Memory Aid

Today as I went to the VA Hospital for a blood draw for an Alzeihmer's study (for which I am a "healthy control", or so they assure me), I habitually took a picture of my car in the lot. It's a large lot, and I've never been very good at remembering where I park. Before the advent of cellphone cameras, I had tried always to park on the edge of the lot, so I could find my car simply by walking the circumference, but taking a quick photo is much more convenient.
This photo helped me locate my car,
but could have been more helpful...

The problem then becomes simply to match the background features in the photo with whatever I can see (... if I'm lucky, the spaces are numbered, but that's often neglected.)
Today's photo was too close, because although it helpfully showed a fence and a tree, it didn't really narrow the possible locations sufficiently.
... here my car is shown with horizon
features sufficient for swift location

A better shot would have been the second one. It shows my car and enough of the horizon that I can immediately pick out features to line up and locate my vehicle.
My memory is not unusually bad as a rule, but the use of a cellphone camera as assistive technology makes me just a little bit more effective. That little black brick is like a booster pack for my brain!

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Rachel said...

What an excellent idea! My problem, though, is remembering to keep my cellphone charged...