Monday, March 28, 2011

This Is True for Japan

Through March 31 (my time), "This Is True" will contribute $20 to the Japanese relief effort for every new Premium subscription upgrade:
Now, I've been reading "This Is True" for years. It's possibly the oldest, and certainly one of the best internet publications around. Basically, it's a summary of recent news, each story being more implausible than the last - and all of them true. Hilarious - and it makes you go hunh!
Being a little on the financially squeezed side, I stuck with the free version, which is still funny and thoughtful, and would occasionally buy one of the products that came our of Randy's operation - chiefly the wonderful "Get Out Of Hell Free" cards (yep, it's the same guy!)
But now comes this Japanese relief effort offer. I could NOT say no. Can you?
I urge you to give it a try - subscribe and know that $20 out of your $24 subscription is going to help our friends in Japan who are going through a terrible time. And the other $4 will support a publication that will help you with whatever time you are going through right now.
I recommend it!

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