Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Nation That Cuts Education Cuts Its Own Throat

What do I make? I make a difference!

I'm not sure who this guy is, but he's right!

I'm just done with the freaks who want to cut our education system. They come in two kinds: pampered aristocrats who don't want kids to learn the intellectual firepower to stand up to them, and drunken bums who are angry that someone who studies hard might know something more than them.
Make no mistake: the attack on teachers is lead by an Aristocracy that was GREATLY inconvenienced by a Greatest Generation that used the GI Bill to learn, get good jobs, and have the leisure time to demand equal rights. This cut into the Royal Prerogatives of the Aristocracy of Wealth, and they fought back, starting with Reagan's assault on California's free college system and continuing today. America, our great and beloved nation, is the only advanced nation where college graduates must go deeply into debt, and therefore cannot devote themselves to a life of service, but must chase after the dollar, serve the Aristocracy.
It's killing our nation. Brains are the currency of this era: more valuable than gold, more powerful than bombs.
A nation that cuts educatin, cuts its own throat.
That's not a concern for the Aristocracy. They'll be happy in their gated community when 95% of America is uneducated and hungry, desparate for any job that let's them lick scraps from the master's table. If you read Dickens, and looked past the treackly plots and happy-face endings, you saw a land of terror for the majority, and that was just fine with the Torys.
Let's be proud of our teachers.

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