Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seattle Draft And Military Counseling Center Elevator Speech

As you probably know, servicemembers, veterans and their families frequently encounter legal and related issues associated with their service. When they want to get objective information about their rights from someplace other than a government agency, (whether from concerns of privacy or for some other reason), they may call the GI Rights Network, an informal association of volunteer organizations across the United States. Seattle Draft and Military Counseling Center is the Washington State "node" of the Network.

Various factors, such as the accelerated operational tempo of the last decade, have lead to a gap between the resources needed to assist callers to SDMCC and the volunteer resources available. SDMCC would like to work with Seattle University and other educational institutions to train volunteers for SDMCC and organizations with compatible missions, such as "Coffee Strong" in Tacoma. This will help us reach our goal of serving all callers in a timely and effective way. In addition, as students graduate and some move elsewhere, the information and experience received may be of help elsewhere.
SDMCC grew out of the peace movement and much of our history proudly reflects that origin. However, many of our volunteers are former servicemembers and/or current members of military families, and we enjoy a full spectrum of volunteer motivations. The only requirement is a commitment to serve the caller; for example, whether a caller wishes to stay in the service or to leave the service, our job is to provide the information that helps the caller make an informed decision.
I am eager to listen to SU's Veteran's Club, to hear how you think we might work together, to meet whatever goals you may have as a group or individually, in service to our community."

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