Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A nation that cuts education cuts its own throat

We live in a world where education is key to the health of the nation. The movement afoot to cripple education in the name of saving money is irrational or unpatriotic.

I understand the motivation of the greedy faction of the Aristocracy. They have a lot, and they want more, and they don't care who they hurt to get it. It helps them for people to be uneducated; the Greatest Generation used the GI Bill to become the most educated generation in America to date, and they challenged the Aristocracy's rule. This lead to the ferment of the 1960s, and the Aristocracy didn't like it. It responded with a long campaign to destroy America's educational system. Reagan, in the pay of the oil barons, started the process of defunding California's previously free college system, and others followed.

Now Republican governors are, Moff Tarkin-like, assuming dictatorial powers and smashing the educational systems of Michigan, Florida and elsewhere. This can have only one result: America falls.
Why should the Aristocracy care? When America is reduced to a third world nation, with a few gated communities patrolled by heavily armed guards, surrounded by a sea of poorly educated, poorly fed unemployed Americans, they can just take helicopters or limos whereever they want. They are not patriots.
Not all rich people are this way. I know many rich people who are quite great citizens and have lead the way in fighting poverty, and so forth. Good for them! No-one could blame Gates and Penn and Jolie if they sat on lawn chairs and blew their money on mile-high chocolates, but they choose to use their hard-earned wealth and fame to help others. That's great!
The fall of America would be a great tragedy but we don't have to allow it. The Aristocracy may have overplayed its hand, by installing governors of a crude and unsubtle nature. Wisconsin Scott Walker, ejected from college for cheating, is likely to be recalled. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is using a fiscal crisis created by his tax cuts as an excuse to install an administration-selected manager who can dissolve school districts and towns without a vote of their people, a move likely to result in the ejection from power of his allies. And Governor Rick Scott of Florida, who presided over some of the most expensive felonies in American history, is not only cutting education but giving the money to his corporate buddies - he's not even pretending to cut the state deficit - it's purely a gift - graft on a scale that would make Boss Tweed blush!
These three corrupt Governors, and more accross our nation, are sacrificing America's educational system to enrich their friends. I don't know how this will play out, but one thing is clear: without education, our nation is in big trouble. That makes these Governors and their political movement among the greatest threats to the future of our nation.

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