Monday, January 24, 2011

Planted this week: Horseradish!

It's a pretty mellow January this week; not quite sweater weather but very pleasant to work in outside.

chicken in the garden
Village Green's rooster
lords over
the winter garden
Sunday we stopped by Village Green Perennial Nursery and had a nice chat with the proprietor. This time of year, there's not much business so she might not be in all the time, but as we looked at the gate she opened it up and we looked around. The plants were in their winter state, mostly resting and quiet. However, the chickens were more active than usual; during the planting season they are confined, because otherwise they eat the crops. In the winter, they can roam freely.
The chicken in this photo is the rooster, who is six years old and very good tempered. Some people think chickens get nasty as they age, but this seems to depend upon the individual, just as with humans ;-)
We settled on a horseradish. We've had a lot of fun making horseradish vodka, and would like to try growing our own.
This horseradish came from the garden of Village Green's mother, who passed away last year. We are honored to carry on her memory, and can only say "Thanks Mother!"

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