Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rosemary Christmas Tree!

Rosemary bush as Christmas tree
Christmas Cactus, Christmas Rosemary,
and Christmas Candle!

For a Christmas tree this year, we got a live rosemary bush. It looks fine, smells great, and the cats leave it alone.
(We'd all had cats before, and knew that they loved to toy with Christmas trees. As a child, I always assumed it was normal to guy trees to the ceiling with wire, because if you didn't the cats climbing the tree would bring it down.)
Now that the holiday is over, we're moving Rosemary outdoors where she'll be more comfortable throughout the year. We hope she'll be able to come inside to celebrate Christmas with us every year, as a decoration that's appropriate, environmentally responsible, and fun!

Our first Christmas in our new home!

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