Friday, December 31, 2010

Much to be Grateful for in 2010

Our house is the biggest change since the beginning of the year. It took a lot of patience and most of our carefully-gathered savings, but we now have a home that suits us. If we are careful, we'll have it all paid off by the time Kris retires, and then we can sit on our porch and just flick our fingers!(Not that we will, but the point is, we could if we wanted to!)
Our neighbors and our families are working out pretty well. We've even accumulated a full set of cats
I'm also grateful for the chance to work with Leigh Franklin Associates on several interesting projects that I hope may bear fruit in 2011.
Here's a collage of my 2010 Facebook statuses; it's automatically generated by an app, but I was surprised to see that it fairly accurately depicted my mood this year:

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