Thursday, June 24, 2010

Village Green Nursery in West Seattle: We Like It!

village green perennials nursery
Tucked away in a West Seattle neighborhood is a friendly little nursery called "Village Green".

It's as if you had a neighbor who really, really liked gardening and was willing to help you out. The first time we went there, we weren't looking to buy; we just talked about our plans for our land and got a lot of good ideas, with no sales pressure, just a love of talking green stuff.

We actually bought stuff on later trips, and found the price and quality to be great. You can learn more about what they stock at their website. We'll be back often, partly for more plants, partly just to enjoy the neighborliness. We like the lavender mocha in their coffee machine too!

Isn't it great to find a local business that does everything you need AND competes on price? It's a long walk from our house but, on the other hand, a long walk through the neighborhood has benefits of its own ... it's like that classical Americana you hear about but is hard to find.


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Maurie Kirschner said...

I didn't know about this nursery! Thanks!