Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anti-Social Networking Sites

Facebook, the blogosphere, discussion forums such as Craigslist, the whole panoply of internet facilities for connecting with other people anywhere, any time ... have huge potential for social networking, but like any power tool, also have huge potential for destruction.

The ready availiblity of quick stimulations, endlessly repeatable and effortlessly summonable is as addictive as potato chips; you really can't have just one. But unlike potato chips, you can justify the habit with the work you get done using the internet. It may be the perfect addiction!

When you find yourself ignoring people in the same house "just for another minute" then you should know you have a problem. And you can get to fixing that problem just as soon as you reply to this blog. And one more. And N more ...

... there's a reason this post is tagged "Don't Be That Guy".

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