Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I-1068: Kitchen Table Reasons to Decriminalize Marijuana

I don't smoke, but jailing those who do is the stupidest policy I have ever heard of. That's why I not only support I-1068, Washington State's Marijuana Deciminalization Initiative, but am collecting signatures to put it on the ballot.

You should too.

The arguments are well-known and well-worn. You've probably sat at your kitchen table and gone over them with family and friends:
  • Marijuana is less harmful than either tobacco or alcohol.
  • If we want to jail somebody, let's put Big Tobacco's CEOs in jail for the hundreds of thousands they kill every year in the normal course of business.
  • The only people who profit from criminalizing weed are the drug cartels who, like their rum-running predecessors during Alcohol Prohibition, are making a killing, both literally and figuratively.
  • Weed makes some people stupid, but they were probably stupid to begin with; lots of other people it doesn't affect at all and there's a whole lotta people for whom it does as much good as my daily cuppa coffee.
  • While we may salute the sincerity and sacrifice of the Drug Enforcement Community in being Crusaders Against Evil, we must never forget that smiting the harmless and the innocent in the name of the Law only promotes more evil. It's sad and tragic that when you remove one ton or a hundred tons of the stuff from circulation, all you are accomplishing is to jack up the price of the stuff that remains ... making it even more valuable to the criminals. Retired police chief Norm Stamper is right.
And so on and so on. At this point, I don't think anyone who can be pursuaded by rational argument can oppose I-1068 so it's time now for We The People to make the law as our State Constitution provides.

I have my copy of the petition on a clipboard on the kitchen table. Anyone who comes into the kitchen gets asked to sign. Signing doesn't mean you support the inititiave; it just means you want there to be a vote on it, which may win or lose. When I leave the house, the clipboard goes with me in case I meet someone (heck if the LaRouchies can besiege the Post Office, I guess I have the duty to provide a sane alternative. Maybe I'll ask them to sign!) As soon as I fill it up, or in any event by the end of the month, I'm sending it in, having done that "civic action" thing we all heard about in school. It turns out that collecting signatures is also a fun way to make a little conversation. People will tell you the darndest stories!

Why don't you try collecting signatures too? Learn more at http://sensiblewashington.org/


Anonymous said...

This may not be the place for this of you may not have the time or interest.

I have recently started a Blogger blog with the same template you are using for this blog.

Questions: Which may seem simple to you:

1. The title of a blog, how do you have it wrap to two lines of text.

2. In the body of your post you will insert a small faint green line, insert text in green which you want to stand out and than close this portion with the faint green line at the bottom of this text. How is this done?

3. I have thought of changing templates because both pictures and in particular videos will not center. I refrain from putting up a video because of this.

4. The 'Layout Page'. I have some links in a Side Bar, I would now like to add a gadget or code for a widget but the 'Add a Gadget' box is above the links box and I cannot move it in the layout where I would like it to appear.
Any suggestions?

5. When I initially save a post, the comments section does not appear as yours does. I believe I have the settings set correctly but still have to uncheck the radio buttons and recheck them for the comments to appear as I want them. It works but is a pain to do every time I edit a post etc.

6. How to backup the blog so I do not lose it?

Enough for now. Again if you have some time to answer some of the questions it would be much appreciated.

I check out you blogs from time to time.

Thanks in advance...

rewinn said...

Howdy! I'm far from an expert but here goes:

1. I dunno about the title wrapping. It just happens.

2. The line/indentations thing uses the "blockquote" tag. You have to go into HTML, put "blockquote" before and "/blockquote" after the text you want to stand out ... but don't use quote, use the less-than/plus-than signs. I can't actually show you in this post cuz it would resolve into a block quote, but you can see more tags at http://www.html-reference.com/
3. Changing templates is hardly ever a bad thing. Try something newm, you may like it better, and you can always go back!
4. In "Layout" I sometimes have trouble moving gadgets. Often I cannot get a gadget to move all the way from the top of the sidebar to way down near the bottom; instead I have to take it in baby steps - moving 1 or 2 positions at a time. I dunno why, but try it!
5. About Comments, I have it set in Dashboard/settings/comments to Comments=show whocancomment=anyone commentsdefault=newpostshavecomments. Is that what you have?
5. I ought to think about saving my blogposts too. It's a lot of work over the years. Maybe I should google some utility to do it ... or just bug google to develop one!

Good luck - next time include a link to your blog so all can enjoy!