Sunday, May 02, 2010

How To Compile Your List of How To's!

You probably have many postings of useful hints right on your blog. Think about it; after a couple of years of blogging, if you have written only one how-to a month, haven't you accumulated a lot of useful stuff? But it can be even more useful if you compile them into an easily accessible "How-To" list. 

Fortunately, this is easy to do: simply tag each post you want to put on your list with the tag "how to", and then post a link to your how-to list!

Here's mine:

If you're not sure how to generate the query, look at the bottom of one of your blog posts that you've put a tag on. When you click on the tag, you get a page of all your posts with that tag (... maybe multiple pages, but that doesn't matter.) Now go get the URL from the top of your browser, then copy and paste. You're done!

Different sites may call tags by different things; for example, in blogspot, they call tags "labels". It doesn't matter; the technique is the same whatever there terminology: you add a little metadata to the relevant posts, then link to a query for that metadata. Does that make more sense ;-)

I was inspired to post this by Inspiration Alley's invitation to a "Learn Your Lesson" Blog Party:
" You are invited to a blog party with a difference. Why yes, of course there will be tea and cake (what's a party without either of those after all?). There may even be lashings of ginger beer and perhaps something with a touch of sparkle too... Who knows what the party will bring?
One thing we do know however is that you'll be taking away quite a goodie bag. Yes my little chickadees every visitor, every player and every participant will be given some wonderful gifts - for this is a special sharing party. No posh frocks required, for you will be getting most messy, seriously sticky and terribly tangled. Just bring yourself and your gift... your lesson.... your tip.... your tutorial.....

We thought it would be terribly good fun to roll our sleeves up and learn something new. We'd love you all to share a lesson with us - perhaps you might have a photoshop trick you can explain? Maybe you know how to transfer images successfully? How do you glue paper without leaving bubbles? Do you have a receipe that no longer needs to remain a secret? Can you tell us how to make clay beads without cracks? To bleach a photograph or make something furry and felty? You may even just like to list your favourite tutorial sites. Anything goes, just bring your special gift to the party by way of a link to your own blog post and take away a goodie bag of lessons to try out for yourself.

All you need to do is pop along to our party room here at the Avenue on the weekend of May 1st & 2nd. Leave a comment with a link to your post and visit all our other party guests...."
OK, you gotta love their attitude, don't ya?

And thanks to my bloggy friend Reduce Footprints for telling me about this - she's hosting the party too!


priti.lisa said...

Terrific idea! If only there were more hours in a day :)
Thanks for joining the party.

artangel said...

Great tip! I'm still figuring out the fine details of blogging and this was very helpful to know - thank you!

Small Footprints said...

WhooHoo ... love your "lesson". As I've been wandering around the party, I've noticed that some people have posted a whole list of tutorials ... now I know how they did it! :)

I'm off to read your list of tutorials right now!

Thanks for joining the party!

Small Footprints

Plumrose Lane said...

What a helpful posting. I really don't think bloggers utilize tags enough and they can be so helpful to visitors. Thanks for sharing and participating.