Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Try the Crotch Bomber

In a fair trial, can anyone IMAGINE the crotch bomber NOT being convicted?

I mean, let's be serious for a minute (it won't take longer than that). As Juan Cole reports, there's a lot of silly talk running about the crotch bomber, chief of which is that something aweful will happen if he gets a fair trial.

I mean, c'mon. Can you IMAGINE being his defense lawyer? What are you gonna SAY?
Public Defender: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, although you have 100 or more passengers on the airplane identifying my client as having his pants on fire, and the FBI identifying the residue of his pants as being packed with explosives, the simple fact is there's been a terrible mistake. My client wasn't even there!"

Judge: "You say your client wasn't there? Well, that settles it. CASE DISMISSED!"
I mean, really folks. What's he gonna do: Say "Nuh-uh! it wasn't ME!"? Give him a fair trial; what are you afraid of?

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