Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just Say No to Styro

Can I live without styrofoam?

I never thought about it before this weeks's Change the World Wednesday challenge, but it would be something worth trying for reasons detailed here. I don't use styro on purpose, ever. The cups taste AWFUL and I don't think I've used one in years. I never use styro packing peanuts; cardboard can pack anything I need to pack! So eliminating styro from my life is little sacrifice, and it's a great benefit to our earth and our descendants.

However, there are a few areas of life where the elimination would be difficults. When I buy computers and the like, they usually come packed in awefully big chunks of styro. I'm not sure what to do about that but complain to the manufacturers. This is something I pledge to do, starting with my next purchase. It may be a little thing, but in my experience, companies notice. They may not act right away but if enough people complain, they'll do SOMETHING if not always what we want.

Food is another area where styro occurs. I can decline to buy eggs that come in styro boxes. As long as I politely tell the store manager what the issue is, there may actually be some effect greater than my single purchase. In my experience, store managers really do want to please customers by providing stuff customers want to buy. As long as I'm polite and enthusiastic, they've always given me back a positive attitude - and why not? it is what they do for a living!

Meats can be an issue. I usually get it pre-packaged on styro trays. However, whenever I go by the meat counter, the meatstaff (...or whatever they may be called ... "Butcher"?) say hello and what do I want. Whenever I've asked them for something, they pack it in paper.

So I resolve to cut out the meat-on-styro, and buy directly from the people behind the counter. What the heck, it's fun talking to them anyway;usually they're good for a cooking tip and so on. I'm never in too much of a hurry for a good cooking tip!

Maybe knocking styro out of my life will lead to a little more social interaction and that's a good thing!

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