Tuesday, February 17, 2009

St Eddie's at the Roanoke

Some pretty strange stars aligned for a small reunion of St. Edward's alumni (and spouses) this Sunday, at the Roakoke Tavern on Mercer Island. tom Dunne and I both live in the Seattle area, but rarely run into each other. Jeff Holy of Spokane can to Renton/Federal Way for his daughter's volleyball tournement in Renton. Martin (Marty) Phelan and Bronze (...sorry I just *can't* remember his last name, give me time ...) were flying in from their delayed honeymoon (they got married last summer) and were in town for a few days. We just *had* to meet somehow, somewhere. But where?

I figured the Roanoake Inn Tavern would be conveniently on Jeff's way back to Spokane, and not hard for the rest of us. When I mentioned the name and offered to give directions, he just laughed and said he knew the way, he'd spent a lot of the 1970s there. Oh, yeah, I forgot that he was originally from Issaquah. Tom's car with Marty & Bronze came later, and we talked them in with cellphones just like, in an old movie, the control tower might talk in the novice at the controls of a stricken plane. "Ok, now turn right and watch for flying bicyclists!"

It was a pretty good reunion. We're all very different each from the other, but we have an experience in common and ... more to the point ... everyone loves a good story. And there were a couple of hours of good stories.

Thanks guys! Let's do it again sometime!

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