Sunday, February 15, 2009

About "India Climate Solutions"

I found this interesting and inspirational:

About India Climate Solutions

"Climate change is a rapidly escalating global crisis. With greenhouse gas emissions rising faster than the IPCC worst case scenario, and with the growing threats of climate shocks and resource conflicts, rapid action to mitigate and adapt is paramount. Yet as we seek solutions at every level of society, the challenges of historical responsibility, uneven distribution of resources and impacts, and conflicting global economic and political interests is proving an immense challenge to navigate.

In the face of this challenge, however, humanity is responding. A movement towards a low carbon economy and a sustainable future is beginning and we believe that this needs to be catalysed by a network that can promote increased awareness, collaboration, leadership, innovation and inspiration.

In India, a nation of creativity, diversity and dynamism, inspirational climate solutions already exist in pockets, demonstrating significant co-benefits for the economic, social and environmental welfare of the country. They are however poorly documented, analysed and communicated in general. To avoid a replication of efforts (reinventing the wheel), and to convince governments, businesses and communities to take action, these success stories need to be shared widely. India is a nation open to new ideas, with a strong intelligence, deep spirituality and profound respect for the natural world. As such, we, the Indian youth, believe that India can take a leadership role on climate change, for its own welfare and security as well as for that of the world as a whole.

With this in mind, the IndiaClimateSolutions project is a collaboration of individuals, communities, academics, corporates, policymakers and artisans to catalyse action on climate change...."

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