Thursday, February 05, 2009

Female Faces of War: This Saturday!

From Wild Iris Media:
"The effects of the Iraq war on women are grossly overlooked. The public needs to know that in addition to the already astounding $12 billion in American dollars spent each month in its fifth year of engagement, women are paying an extraordinary price. One out of seven US troops are women who not only serve in unprecedented numbers, but deal with the violence of sexual assault on top of the horrors of combat. Iraqi women, who are in the line of fire with their families, also face the violence of personal attacks from religious fundamentalists.

This 50 minute documentary explores the impact of the Iraq war through the personal stories of individual women including:
  • A military mother's reaction to the the news of her son's death in Iraq and her path to healing.
  • The stories of Iraqi women as they fight for liberalization, peace and human rights in the extremely difficult environments of past and present Iraq.
  • A soldier's experiences in a war zone and coming home haunted by intrusive thoughts and nightmares.
Several organizations and national media have requested permission to show the film when it is completed. Female Faces of War will be distributed through partnerships with community and activist organizations and by direct sales.

It is our hope that hearts and minds will break wide open, that a new sensitivity to these issues will turn into compassionate action not complacency."

FFOW is playing Saturday, February 7, 2009 at 5 pm at Amnesty International's Seattle Human Rights Film Festival. More information!

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