Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wall of Boasting: Attorneys Assisting Citizen-Soldiers and Families

The Wall of Boasting is that place where you put up certificates and photos of things that make you proud. In the old days (like maybe ten years ago) I had actual certificates in actual frames, but why bother? The internet is seen by a lot more people (even if by accident.) I'm sure I have all those certificates around somewhere, if I haven't used them for pastry parchment.

Anyway, most of those classical achievements seem kind of sill now. Law school was just a question of paying tuition and figuring out what to put down on a test. Passing a couple of Bar exams was just a matter of scoring points based on the rules. Beating Diablo II was harder.

But an achievement of which I am quite proud both because it has an impact on real people and also because it wasn't just a matter of following the rules is the Attorneys Assisting Citizen-Soldiers and Families project. I am very much especially proud of a letter I just got - one that goes high on top of my personal Wall of Boasting:
"Fellow legal practitioner -

I would like to thank you for your participation in the Attorneys Assisting Citizen-Soldiers and Families (AACF) legal assistance program. Your willingness to serve those who serve, reflects greatly upon your devotion to our country and fellow citizens. At a time when our National Guard members have been called to deploy in record numbers, you have agreed to step up and ensure they have the full support of the Washington State legal community.

As we enter 2009, the Washington National Guard currently has over 3,500 soldiers and airmen serving in Iraq. In early March, another 500 National Guard members will be deploying to Afghanistan. Additionally, many of our National Guard members were recently called to serve in local communities throughout Washington State to assist with the recent flood and storm relief operations. Obviously, the members of the National Guard have been getting called away from their civilian jobs in great frequency and are indeed very busy. It is evident that being a citizen-soldier of the National Guard carries with it a heavy burden, but having access to quality pro bono legal assistance has definitely made that burden easier to shoulder.

Again, thank you for your willingness to participate in this program. I hope you continue to find this to be a rewarding and fulfilling volunteer opportunity.

Additionally, if you have personally accepted a referral or assisted in the administration of this program, I have mailed out a Certificate of Appreciation signed by Colonel Bennett, who is the Washington Army National Guard Staff Judge Advocate. The certificates were mailed out today and are suitable for framing. I have also attached a thank you letter to this email.

The members of the Washington National Guard and their families truly appreciate your support and service!


Alex M. Straub
CPT, Judge Advocate
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
Building 21, Camp Murray
Tacoma, WA 98430"

Now that makes me feel proud!

Of course, there's more to do, way more; I just hope that each entry in the Wall of Boasting cancels out one entry in my personal wall of Don't Be That Guy.

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Small Footprints said...

Wow ... Congratulations! And you should feel proud ... it was a very generous thing to do!

I think this one wipes out a few of the "Don't be that guy" entries!

BTW ... I'm following you and adding you to my blog roll (hope you don't mind).

Small Footprints