Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Have A Voting Party!

I love the Civic Ritual of going to the polls with my fellow citizens, secretly marking my ballot and dropping it into the ballot box with a satisfying "THUNK!"

The problem with mail-in ballots is they just aren't fun enough! But absentee/mail-in is the way I have to go; I'm a polling inspector and therefore can't vote in my home precinct. Lots of people work all day (Voting Day is a work day - how crazy is that?) and mail-in ballots are the only practical way they can do it.

But I miss the fun, the civic-togetherness and all that.

So THIS YEAR we're having a VOTING PARTY! Saturday, my local friends and as many people as I can get from the neighborhood are getting together at a local coffee shop, then marching to the nearest post box and toss them in. Then we go have a beer and celebrate our democracy!

We get the civic-togetherness AND the ballot in one handy chunk! And it's totally non-partisan - we don't care WHO you're voting for, just vote dammit!

This is REALLY EASY to organize in YOUR COMMUNITY - so why not?
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