Friday, October 24, 2008

Compassion for Ashley Todd, Hoaxer

Let's set aside politics for a moment, and look at Ashley Todd, the hoaxer, McCain Campaign volunteer, as a human being.

Something is not right with the woman. I don't know what, but it's clear she needs help ... compassion ... probably mental health care, maybe shelter from an abusive relationship.

No-one has a "B" carved into her face that doesn't need something.

McCain's allies (although not necessarily the man himself) jumped on this sad story as a weapon in the political campaign; before the facts were known, they passed around disgusting made-up details (a.k.a. "lies"). They were wrong. They deserve to reap the results - the least of it being, no-one can trust anything they say, ever again.

But Todd herself?

We're not rightwing partisans who abandon the mentally ill and charge women for rape kits. We help Todd and the millions of other Americans who need it.

Can we heal our great nation?

Yes We Can!
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Anonymous said...

I agree 100 %

Obama/Biden '08