Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wasilla: a New Unit of Measure

DC - The McCain campaign unveiled a new unit of measurement today: the Wasilla.

"Most of Sarah Palin's experience comes from being the mayor of that town," explained McCain, "It had around 5000 citizens back then. This gives a useful way to contrast her overwhelming experience against that of our opponents."

"For example, the entire U.S. Congress is about one-tenth of a Wasilla. One-tenth! Sarah managed a town ten times larger than the entire Congress!"

"Likewise, when Senator Barack Obama accepted the presidential nomination, only 17 Wasillas saw the speech live. Seventeen - that's absurdly small! Although to be fair, about 7600 Wasillas watched on TV."

McCain proposed a related unit of measure: the Wasillapork, or the amount of earmarked money Palin got from U.S. taxpayers per resident of Wasilla, or about $3,000. "Nationwide, the Wasillapork average is 0.01 or about $30 per citizen," explained McCain. "Palin will be a great help dealing with pork, since she got a lot of experience with it in her home town."
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