Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moving = Stairmaster with Weights!

Whew! We spent all Saturday in a free advanced stairmaster class, featuring weights and team exercises. You may have heard of this regime; it's better known as "moving a family from a 2nd story apartment to another building's third story apartment, no elevators allowed!"

For warmup, we moved the pre-boxed items to a casual tempo; the day stretched long before us as we languidly assumed we'd be done by lunch.

All too soon we graduated to the power items: the televisions. Since we'd gone cold turkey off the electronic brainsuckers years ago, we were surprised by their weight; it seems the lead shielding needed to prevent bodily damage from radiation is sufficient to induce bodily damage from back strain. Proper form is absolutely essential: lift with vertical spine only!

The Dresser of Infinite Weight: enough said!

We ended the session with sundown cardio sprints, lots of relatively small 25-pound items, hustled upstairs as we'd noticed that the day had disappeared. As with any exercise, breath makes all the difference ... it's o.k. to give a healthy ki-yai when lifting and to ignore the teenagers snickering "It sounds like you're playing tennis, Uncle Randy!")

The session proved successful, with ample muscle soreness and a gentle dappling of bruises on the thighs.

Once again, frequently hydration and ibuprofen win the day, and we carried off a valuable lesson: "We gotta go home and get rid of lot of our stuff before this happens to us!"

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