Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4freeCLE: Free Education and Information for Lawyers

4freeCLE is the web's most comprehensive clearinghouse for people offering or seeking free, no-cost Continuing Legal Education (CLE):
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/4freecleAre you looking for no-cost CLE? Join this list to find out about newly listed no-cost CLE.

Are you providing no-cost CLE? Post a message using the link to your left, or contact the list administrator at rewinn2003@yahoo.com. Make sure the subject line describes WHERE and WHEN your event is, and that the body of your message tells how to get more information.

See its links page for links to announcements and permanent resources, e.g. recordings on the web.

Who Would Offer Free CLE?
Everyone's got a reason! Some providers regard education as part of their mission. Other providers are nonprofits offer training that is eligible for CLE credit, in exchange for pro bono service. And still others offer a free course to get you to try their "non-free" products.

Whatever the motive: Postings are reviewed to ensure that they offer some way to get free CLE.

Postings should include contact information, whether CLE credit has been applied for and in which jurisdiction(s), plus whatever else seems reasonably calculated to help people decide whether they wish to attend.

Feel free to pass on information about this list, in a non-spam way, to anyone interested. This link should get most people to this site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/4freecle/

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