Monday, July 07, 2008

Newest Scandal: Obama Says "A" Instead of "An"

Des Moines, IA - Barack Obama, speaking before a crowd of veterans, ignited a scandal today by saying "a historic challenge" instead of his earlier phrase "an historic challenge".

"This is a major turnaround of great concern to the American voters," said Karl Rove. "Obama drew millions of new voters to the Democrats by talking about 'an' historical challenge. But now he's saying 'a' historical challenge. Will the voters tolerate this reversal on an issue of great concern to the voters?"

Pundits agreed. "This is yet another major, major issue before the voters of this country," intoned a man in a suit on television. "The question is whether we can trust a man who says "an" one day, and then suddenly says "a"? Does this show a lack of experience? Do we really know who Obama is, rhetoric-wise?"

The Obama campaign was quick to react to this newest attack. "Obama has consistently used both forms of the indefinite article as needed," said a spokesman, "As president, he will consider all views, including that of the grammarists on the ground, and refine his usage according to facts as they develop. But, in the end, he will select whichever form of the indefinite article is better for America."

But it may be too late. "We are creating an image of Obama," said one host of a corporate media program, "Is he a man who changes his opinions when he learns new facts? Is America really ready for that sort of leadership?"


Piyush Sethia said...

Great post, great satire..

jeffpickens said...

This is satire? Sounds like a real scandal to me.

jeffpickens said...

This is satire? Sounds like a real scandal to me.