Monday, June 23, 2008

Tim Russert - Just Another Tool

The haze of praise around Tim Russert's career obscures one basic truth: while he may have been a nice guy who loved his kids and died too soon, he failed time and again to ask basic questions:

  • How many times did you use cocaine, Mr. Bush?
  • Have you ever been arrested, Mr. Bush?
  • Why did you choose, as Vice President, the man who headed your Vice-Presidential search committee?
  • Why won't you let the Blix inspections finish before invading Iraq?
  • Was finishing "My Pet Goat" really more important than standing up and defending America on 9/11?

Nice guy. Just another corporate media hack.


Anonymous said...

Too much was made of Russert's death. But your moronic criticism identify you as another member of lunic left wing conspiracy cult. And you're from the Seattle area. Go figure.

rewinn said...

Oh my, an anonymous comment!

I laugh at everyone who's too cowardly to sign their name. Why are you afraid to stand behind your words?

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your site, don't see many hits to your posts but did see this.
anonymous at 9:29 AM was so correct with his comment to your post.

I also see you spouting your "lunic left wing conspiracy" now and again on the Mallard Fillmore blog. What is amusing is that the entire gang who comments to the Mallard cartoon hates Tinsley so much because he happens to be a very good concervative cartoonist and the rest of you pick him apart over nothing. The same thing happens when someone comments to the post that you liberals do not agree with. You really do hate your President and country.
you never defend your comments but always refer to someone as a coward.

rewinn said...

Oh my, another anonymous coward!

Since you don't bother pointing out what you find objectionable in my post, I need not bother defending it to someone who has so little pride in their opinion that they fear even logging in, but since you refer to the excellent Duck and Cover may I assume that you're the drunk Tinsley, posting anonymously as usual?

You'll note that I've given Tinsley constructive suggestions for improving his miserable comic often, for example here. He really needs an editor to help him with his writing; I don't mind a conservative viewpoint but I demand humor in a "comic".

If Tinsley weren't a raving alcoholic, he might be willing to accept criticism and grow from it; sadly, untreated alcoholics rarely do that.

Anonymous said...

If you do not care for the Mallard Fillmore cartoon strip, why do you view it and comment about it?
It certainly would not be because he is one of the few conservative cartoonists working would it? You simply cannot stand a conservative.
You and your friends make comments about his drawings, that he is a drunk etc. as if you are all artists and highly intelligent folks.
Why bother viewing if you do not like the strip? If you do not want to listen to Rush Limbaugh you don't turn on the radio. Why do you deny your hate for conservatives. You can't even be honest with yourself.

rewinn said...

Well, for one thing, the commentary is much funnier than the strip.

Two, it's a free country (or a free internet). I don't need any reason to do as I please.

Three, you have no idea what a conservative is. Right at this moment, I have posted on my blog an interview of a prominent conservative, Bud Krogh, who worked for Nixon and, due to his high principles, admitted his mistakes. I know real conservatives from the fakes.

Fourth, I follow a great many comics and several blogs about comics. Prickley City is much better written as Mallard Fillmore, for example (although I can't stand the drawing style), and you don't see me attacking it for its politics. Mallard's problem is that it's badly done, and you'll note that I often give helpful suggestions.

Fifth, being one of the few published conservative comics is (as I have observed on Duck and Cover) not much of an accomplishment; comics pages are desperate to have SOMETHING they can label conservative to balance the well-written somewhat political comics such as Doonesbury and Candoville. There are few "Conservative" comics so Tinsley needn't bother being any good at it.

And BTW I often make fun of Rush too. Fake conservatives like Rush and Mallard are funny because their "logic" processes are absurdist at best.

rewinn said...

BTW one of the reasons people say Tinsely is a drunk is that he's been arrested at least twice for it. Can you use the google?

As for pretending to be intelligent and all that --- what's your complaint? That we are acting like we aren't stupid? That we are making sense and being funny?

What's "Conservative" about hating being smart and funny?

Geez --- Goldwater was a conservative, but you're just a whiner.

rewinn said...

Maybe I'm being too harsh.

On the off chance that this "anonymous" is the Tinsley that sometimes posts anonymously on "Duck and Cover", let me suggest - let's have a productive conversation.

What is conservativism?

Can you go through "The conscience of a Conservative" and make one strip out of each chapter -- or each page?

I'll bet if Mallard took the next six months and worked his way through Goldwater and Bill Buckley ... he could strike some gold.

And ... use fewer words in the strip. Comedy must be pointed, not padded.

And ... create an avatar. Why not? People like talking with a face, even if it's a made-up face. The quality of the conversation will improve.

What say?