Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama Caused Y2K, say rumors!

Was Barack Obama responsible for the Year 2000 Crisis (commonly known as Y2K)?

This is the subject of a growing groundswell of rumor, according to reports, amid a flurry of silence from his campaign about Obama's role in Y2K.

"I was shocked to discover that Obama's role in Y2K has not been publicized," said noted historical rewriter Karl Rove. "It is rumored that, while serving in the Illinois Senate, Obama passed a bill to reprogram computers to fail at midnight December 31, 1999. The American people need to know more about Obama's role in Y2K, if there was any."

Reports have long wondered how the Y2K crisis, and Obama's role in it, could have seemed so important in 1999, yet be nearly forgotten today. "Is this an example of media bias in favor of Obama?" asked Fox White House spokesman Tony Snow. "Are Rupert Murdoch and his Wall Street Journal too afraid to print the truth about Obama's role in Y2K? As an unbiased reporter, I'm only asking a question ... a question about Obama and and his role in Y2K."

Republican rival John Sidney McCain III declined to comment directly.

"Would it be responsible to repeat the story that Obama caused Y2K? That's for the American people people to decide. Simply repeating that Obama had a role in Y2K may make it seem that he did have a role in Y2K. But what else do we need to know, about Barack Obama and Y2K?"

In what commentators may feel is the most telling indicator of Obama's role (if any) in Y2K, Obama has so far declined to comment on his role in Y2K.
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