Tuesday, June 03, 2008

McCain and the Magic Lamp

Remember when McCain went shopping in Baghdad? He got this lamp for real cheap, and after all his lobbyists went home for the night, he bumped into it and the genie appears.

Genie: "Ok, you saw the movie, you know the rules: you get 3 wishes, but I can't make anyone love you and I can't bring anything back to life. OK, what's wish number 1?"

McCain says: "I want all American voters to love me!"

The genies says: "Hey, you wasted a wish. I TOLD YOU I can't make anyone love you. OK, what's wish number 2?"

McCain says: "I wish I could take that wish back."

The genie says: "What, you think I'm stupid? You're trying to get an extra wish, and it doesn't work that way. You lose. What's wish number 3?"

McCain: "Whew! OK, I want you to make my presidential campaign unstoppable!"

Genie: "What an idiot! I TOLD you I can't bring anything back to life!!!"

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