Friday, May 16, 2008

Overcompensating on the Pope and Aliens!

From the excellent webcomic Overcompensating:
"You probably heard how the Vatican's head astronomer recently ruined believing in aliens by saying it is actually not necessarily contrary to Scripture.

I believed in aliens before it was cool, back when you had to worry about making God cry for doing it. While I have not ruled out this being part of a vast conspiracy against me by the Pope, I remain weirded out. Oh well, time to find something new to believe in that has absolutely no possibility of ever being embraced by organized religion, like... wow. That's pretty much all there was left wasn't there?

Anyway this is why I don't do history comics because I'm so crazy I actually think "Well it's possible for Star Wars to have existed sometime in the distant past so I'm gonna just make that Real Universe Canon." That's probably why I didn't do good in history either. Anyway pretty much everybody has got at least some 411 on Galileo and Copernicus but not a lot of people know the skinny on Giordano Bruno, the man that got the rawest deal in the history of trying to school some rubes on some science."

Read more --- enjoy the webcomic:

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