Thursday, May 08, 2008

FreeNet Conversion

In the old days (like 5 years ago) it was pretty neat to maintain a web site. So I got one ( ) . But it's become like tuning up your car: worth understanding in theory, but kinda pointless for most people.

First, there are too many better ways to maintain a web presences. Photos? go Picasa or Flickr. Casual writing? Lots of blog solutions.

Another second issue is that most well-rounded persons have interests are too broad to fit onto a single site. People looking for my brand of humor are not often going to be be interested in my old school photos; all those pages have in common is Me, Myself and I ... and that's not really relevant to anyone but me. And my wife (...I hope...).

So, I plan a conversion, moving my website content to appropriate freespots, with just enough interconnection for my convenience. Each freespot is organized thematically
Perhaps we'll look back at the days of personal websites and go "Huh? Why?"


And handy utilities:


Anonymous said...


Haven't spoken to you since the old Northwoods days. Missed out on seeing the old SCA pics on your website since I only caught an image of it on Google search & all the pics were already detached.

Ann M. Daniels (formerly VanHaverbeke, formerly Hayes)

rewinn said...

Hi Ann (formerly "Jehu" was it not? From the enthusiastic way you drove?)

My SCA photos "should be" here: - let me know if that doesn't work.

Hey, email me or something (facebook? I'm almost the only "rewinn" on the web!) and let's chat!