Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Blue State Dems were in training

....for their quadriennual contest against GOP state. Coach Donkey had to decide who to put at QB: Hillary or the new kid Obama.

"I'm going to make this fair," said Coach, "We're going to run 50 plays, plus DC, Guam, etc. Whoever gets the most yardage, gets the QB spot.

First play: Iowa! Obama made a few yards. Then: New Hampshire! Hillary got it back.
The game seesawed, first one, then the other. Finally, the Super Tuesday play: Obama surged into the lead.

Hillary had a lot of good moves, but Obama matched her, and was better at connecting with his receivers. Hillary sent some linemen knocked him down, but Obama got up, shrugged off the attacks, and seemed ready to win.

Suddenly, Hillary wins the Pennsylvania play. "I got ten yards, that's a first down!"
"Sorry," said the ref, "It was only 9 and inches."

"That's o.k." Hillary announced, "I'm going to win big in Indiana, and get another first down."

But she didn't. When the dust settled from the Indiana play, Hillary had made at most two yards.

A flag was called on the play: extra man on the field! Wheezing out of the pigpile came Rush Limbaugh, a player for the other team, boasting he had moved the ball for Hillary.

Hillary and Obama looked at each other, and both showed disgust. "Penalty declined. Play ball!" The less said about it, the better.

Besides, Obama had just taken another ten or twenty yards in North Carolina. At this point, who's counting?

Hillary had one chance: the Tonya Harding play. If she could damage Obama's knees enough so that he couldn't play in November, surely the Dems would have to put her in.

What will she do? Sit on the bench and cheer her team to victory? Or try to kneecap her competitor on the team?

What would YOU do?

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