Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tyro Rex Supersaur

Decades ago, college friends Merald Clark and Robert Herbon wrote a Rock Opera combining dinosaurs and the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber: Tyro Rex Supersaur!

It follows the conflicts within a band of dinosaurs seeking to ignore, avoid and finally face the onset of extinction. You will love Merry Megalosaurs' signature hit "I Don't Know How To Mutate", the group number "The Last Stupor" and "King Hadrosaur's Song", but by far my favorite lyric is the show closer "Supersaur":

"Every time we excavate it bothers your friends
That you’d let the mammals be the cause of your end
Was it something special that we can’t comprehend?
Why could you not stick around until the Age of Men?
If you came today you could have eaten whole nations
The Mesozoic era had no overpopulation
Don’t you get me wrong - I only want to know.

Tyro Rex, Tyro Rex
Are you the best that Nature selects?
Tyro Rex, Supersaur
Why is it that you exist no more?

Anyone willing to mount a performance? See Lyrics and author contact information.

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