Friday, December 23, 2016

Is It OK To Love A Recliner?

I was shopping around for a recliner to help with my presumed sleep apnea, when I saw Costco's offering. It was about the price I'd been expected. It was leather rather than cloth, but I'd been told leather last longer so perhaps I'll give that a try, and it was electric rather than manual - a luxury but perhaps worth it. It even came with USB ports in one arm which puzzled me, but I suppose that's the style.
I say in it in the store, and was sold. Instantly. My body said, "Yes, I want a recliner. Take this one."
There was no way the box was fitting in my Saturn, so I called Dan and he said come on over. He was just finishing up a brake job on his truck so my timing was pretty good. He helped me wrestle the thing into my house - one thing Dan is really good at is packing and moving stuff - and all it cost me was a Costco rotisserie chicken - Dan does not like to cook, so giving him prepared good is what he wants in payment, and why not?
It's working out well. I slept very soundly every night. It's still got that new leather smell that I don't like but I think my concerns about that are more related to my seasonal allergy - at least I hope it's not the leather - and I've slept very soundly in it. I don't wake up except to pee; I having woken up with the racing heartbeat and I don't have that background feeling of anxiety that I had just assumed was part of being my age.
I don't see an improvement in my blood pressure yet. I need to give this a solid month and also implement a more serious dietary reform because I conclude whether the problem is solved without a CPAP.
In the meantime, I am really enjoying the better sleep. I really like the recliner. I don't love it as I love my cats, but in its chair way it is worthy of affection.

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