Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekend Time Management

My doctor recommended diaphragmatic breathing exercises 5-10 minutes daily to help with my blood pressure. But life is busy, so I've been rushing through them; I got them done in only 4 minutes! I didn't see any improvement. This weekend I scheduled time for the exercises: a full 12 minutes each day. It may be coincidence but my BP afterwards was better than in months. There may be a lesson in all this, but I'm not sure what. --- This weekend the DAV 23 Reform Group met and discussed next steps. The consensus was to reach out to the new National Commander. They're brilliant guys in their own fields, but they're not writers, so I volunteered to draft the letter. Everyone will have days to comment and then we'll meet again Saturday for them to sign if they wish. The ethic is to be as open as possible, because the opposite has been a big part of the problem. The exact design of the letter was left to me. I clarified exactly what was the remedy desired and the basic reasons. I drafted a one-page letter with just those bullet points, and then a separate attachment describing the history. I figured it's best to make the ask briefly and clearly so it gets read, and then put the flood of facts separately so it can be reused. Putting things carefully and objectively in the history is hard; everyone has a point of view and figuring out objective facts is difficult. I ended up including some conclusions but I hope it is clear where they are. The other thing I did was set myself a deadline. I was afraid I'd work on this forever perfecting it, and either send it out late or put in too much time on the project. My Sunday night deadline was awfully short but I got it done by 2pm and sent it out - then I went to the bookstore. Yay me!

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