Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Saturday Circuit

1. The cats wake me
2. I make a little breakfast: coffee and salmon.
3. Barre at the Fauntleroy Y. I love this class, although I'm not fond of planks and I'm not fond of crunches. After class a woman my age complimented me on my dancing. I did not know what to say but it was a very friendly gesture. She asked if I did other classes and I mentioned Zumba. She asked if I came to the Wednesday Zumba here and I said I should try it. Later I learned it's actually Tuesday, but I suppose I should try either one, just to be social. My social awareness is just off.
4. Drive Kris from the Y to the ATM and get paid for her share of the Y membership. We do not discuss taxes. I'm just going to wait for a while and see whether she comes through on the documentation. We can be civil but I must be businesslike.
5. Meet at DAV.  The Trustees are abstinent, the membership is angry. I shake my head.
6. Drop off books at the VA hospital. I chat with another guy also using a wheelchair to carry a bag of books, which he leaves at the green cart.  I sit in the Garden and relax; it's really very effective. Also I'm happy to see my name on a plaque.
7. Stop by The God Shop to drop off boxes of stuff to give away and to buy some stock. I would not have expected to make friends at a Christian Thrift Store, but it happens. They are just part of my community and I suppose I'm part of theirs.
8. Home, I garden a bit. Mostly I'm pulling up the ginger mustard invasives. It's as relaxing as they say, but I end up napping quit a lot. Soon it is dinner time, according to the cats.
9. It may be that "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise", but on the evidence, there must be more to the formula than that. At least I'm healthy!

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