Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday book store reality

Today at my favorite bookstore I heard one of the employees gently explain to an enthusiastic applicant that the competition for a position was very great. The applicant went away sad, but what can you do? It is only the truth.

Later, my friend explained to me that they get something like one resume today. So many people want to work at a bookstore, it is such a wonderful thought to be surrounded by books! However the work itself is very different from the fantasy. There is very little time for reading - inventory and sales are what keep the store open.

I suppose this is referring to me, that I did not make a mistake in frantically applying to every book store in the area in the hopes of getting such delightful job. Better it is to stop in, give them a little trade, give myself a lot of enjoyment talking about books. Selling books is like raising chicken ; you may like them, but not too much for one way or another, if you are to succeed, they must depart.

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