Sunday, January 10, 2016

Catch up Sunday

Today I had lots of reports to do from Amtrak work. I also had 3 mystery shops which I had sign up for the past. I didn't really need them because of my Treasury gig, but a promise is a promise so I went ahead and drove around doing the work. I start of the day, however, making a book delivery to the VA hospital, which was very satisfying. I ended my peregrinations by stopping by Pegasus book exchange and speaking with my friends there. I am basically restructuring my entire life, with the loss of Kris and all my friends who associated with her, but on the plus side I have a lot more self knowledge so I can assemble a community that work closely fits my needs then the pack of drunks that fit hers.
Extending the concept, I realized that I might not need to actually continue doing work with the WSBA; it does not actually do anything for me, and it is  structured badly for effective action. Performing it is beyond my powers, but continuing the work that interesting does not require it that I will miss the world peace through law section but it has been dead already, & I need to accept that.

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