Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tuesday Briefly

The major event of today (other than continuing to remain upright and breathing yay!) was submitting my brief in Brown v. McDonald. Through the Pro Bono Veterans Consortium, I have been helping a veteran with his disability claim. They hooked me up with an excellent mentor who gave me great advice on some points. Perhaps the biggest metahelp was in my sending the mentor work-in-progress; pride compelled me to make those preliminary versions decent, which motivated getting the work done way before the deadline (which was especially helpful when I ran into problems near the deadline) I had a lot of struggles with features of Word with which I can become unfamiliar, but eventually got past that and they are now funny. Now, not then! It also helped, in my opinion, that the record of events did not match some of the claims of the opposition. It was real roll-your-eyes stuff that I might write about after talking it over with the client. I am going to spend the rest of the week doing things I'd put off to ensure this brief was as good as I could.

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