Saturday, October 31, 2015

Memes - October 2015

Gun Nuts Are Frightened People

Fun Fact About The 2nd Amendment

This Version Is Wordier

Today's GOP Thinks You Have A Bad Memory

I'm Just Trying to Be Helpful

Sometimes The Truth Leaks Out

I Just Liked This Photo

It's An Old Joke, But I Like It!

One Of The Best Putdowns Ever

It Was Only Last Year...

The Whole Email Thing Is Off The Subject Anyway

The Palin Business Model

I Could Not Believe How Stupid That Committee Sounded

Some Prosecutors Get Used to Bullying Defendants
Who Have No Education Or Money,
But That's Poor Preparation For Attacking A Clinton LOL

Obsessing On Blumenthal Was One Of Those Ideas
That Must Have Sounded Good When Drunk

Could Gowdy Be A Democratic Party Mole?

Tinkering With A Church Sign Generator

If You Can't Follow The Rules,
You Can't Be A Role Model. Period.

Clinton Was Remarkably Restrained, Actually

"Serve And Protect" - Yr Doin' It Wrong

Remember Last Year's Panic?

Will Rogers Is Timeless

I Don't Do "You're Ugly" Humor,
But Fiorina's Delusional Proclamations Are Cartoonish

They Threatened To Withhold Their Labor...

What A Bunch Of Whiners!

Like I Said: Serve And Protect

Any Politician Who Says God Told Him To Run
Is Asking To Be Mocked

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