Monday, July 06, 2015

Monday: Crab and Salmon

Much of Monday I spent making small money, but there was a break at noon for a CRAB IRB.
CRAB is Cancer Research And Biostatistics, an organization that helps medical researchers keep and use scientific data. Since it involves human subjects, there's an Independent Review Board, or IRB, to overlook the implementation of ethical directive. I am a "non-scientist" member of the board, and therefore listen in on meetings about once a quarter, not with the role of making decisions about the science itself, but to help decide whether the process matches the standards. It's interesting.
Zoomba was, as useful, fun and I could tell I got a workout.
Dinner was the salmon that I'd got at the Farmer's Market. Kris bargained it with bacon and baked it superbly. A side dish was succotash, again using some of the bacon I'd bought for the upstairs. It is all reasonably pleasant housematery, with only a dash of oddness as Kris thorough inhabits the upstairs; I am allowed in the kitchen to dispose of waste and accept a dinner plate, and thereafter well there just isn't seating for me. Whatever.
Today Kris emailed me about the tax refund, inquiring whether it had been submitted electronically. I responded politely pointing out that she had physically signed it with a pen and it had been mailed because filing electronically would have required giving me access to some sort of IRS PIN for her, which I did not especially want. I offered to help if she was having a cash flow issue. She replied that it was alright, she had just forgotten; also that she was just working on getting money together for moving out, finding first and last month's rent and so forth. I suppose some people who have refrained from saying, in effect, "I am working on screwing you over, do you think you can help?" but this has been Kris' pattern so it's reassuring in a way.
And the salmon was excellent.

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