Friday, July 17, 2015

A triplet of haiku for a job application.

So I'm applying for a job in the legal industry, and at the end of the online form (which otherwise has all the usual stuff) is an invitation to say something in 150 characters that will attract their attention.
So I figure, this is time for another set of haiku and since they invite material that draws their attention, I will at the end do something out of the ordinary.
Either as lawyer
Or database analyst
I hit my deadlines

It is a science
Parsing document data
It is also art

U ask150
I - off 3haiku
Now these are not perfect haiku; line 8 requires a special pronunciation (and 150 - "one-fifty"; "-"="dash"), but I hope the joke at the end makes up for it. Either way, I doubt anyone else has done something quite like this, which is what they asked for!

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